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Hoe Lotte van haar PCOS-klachten is afgekomen

“My experience with She Strong has been really transformational.
I came to Ania having been newly diagnosed with Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), and was at a total loss with my physical and mental health. I had been really struggling with symptoms for years that suddenly came together under the umbrella of PCOS. Not only had my weight increased significantly, but I felt fatigued and anxious all the time, and just very disconnected from my body and health.

I wasn’t very familiar with PCOS and turned to google for some tips. Like many women experience, the GPs advice had been fairly limited: keep taking the pill for hormone balance, and make a new appointment when you want to get pregnant…oh and make sure you loose some weight – not very helpful.
Google also didn’t bring me much further.
There are countless different pieces of dietary and lifestyle advice ranging from mild to the extreme, and lots that contradicted the other. I realised quite quickly that doing this on my own was not going to happen.

During my intake with Ania, she was so supportive and understanding, and really managed to calm my nerves. It was clear that she had real knowledge of the role of hormones for women and their health. We talked about my goals beyond weight loss, and how food and training would realistically and sustainably fit into my life. She really made me see that this was by no means going to be a crazy, one-off health-kick, but a lifestyle change with room for real balance.

The She Strong team have made training every week something I really looked forward to.
They really have an invested interest in how clients are feeling and how their week has been. The check-ins on diet and weight were always really supportive and non-judgemental.
To top it off, they were always such cheerleaders when I reached new milestones, and were genuinely as proud as I was.

Now, it’s been 6 months since my intake and I feel like a completely different person. Not only have lost 10+ kgs, but I am sleeping again, and I have found focus and calm again. I’ve also rediscovered my love for strength training and am excited to keep getting fitter and stronger.

All in all I feel like I have reconnected with my physical and mental health for the first time in years. I couldn’t have done it without Ania and the She Strong team, and would unreservedly recommend them to any women who is looking for some support.”

Met immense trots kijken we terug op Lotte’s geweldige reis! In slechts 6 maanden heeft ze niet alleen meer dan 10 kilo verloren, maar heeft ze ook haar slaap, focus en innerlijke rust teruggevonden. We zijn ontzettend blij dat we Lotte hebben kunnen ondersteunen en zien haar elke dag sterker worden. Bij She Strong zijn we er om jouw reis naar een gezonder en gelukkiger leven te ondersteunen.

Heb je last van PCOS-klachten, en kun je wel hulp gebruiken met de training? Geen zorgen, daar zijn wij in gespecialiseerd! Wij helpen je graag om je klachten te verminderen en ervoor zorgen dat je fit en sterk blijft. Twijfel dus niet en neem gerust contact met ons op om te kijken wat we voor jou kunnen betekenen.